Aaricia makes her debut in the musical scene with “The Ruler." Accompanied with distinctive visuals, “The Ruler,” takes you in a universe of vivid imagery where love, hate, darkness and light become one. 

The single is a part of her seven-song EP also entitled “The Ruler,” coming out on Wednesday, June 15th. It will be released via Soundcloud for a month later releasing on Spotify and iTunes. 

”The Ruler” is a pop ensemble that is crafted to help forget the pains of loss and heartbreak. Aaricia’s music objectively reflects the stages of grief one must go through to heal the heart and soul. Her EP is a journey in which the soothing velvet sound of her voice will have you reminiscing about the past.

Watch the official music video here:

Raised in a musical environment, Aaricia has been singing, writing and composing since the age of five. Now, she brings us “The Ruler,” in which she discovers who she is as an artist. You can listen to the full EP here.