Listen Aaricia's vulnerable new track 'Losing You' [Track of the Day]

This article was originally published on The 405.

There's power in her voice, but in this instance, it's slightly restrained.

Canada's bringing all the vibes these days and Aaricia is yet another fine example.

"With influences of R&B, hip-hop and house, The Ruler is an ensemble of pop and its multiple sous genres that will take you in a universe of vivid imagery where love, hate, darkness and light become one," she writes on SoundCloud.

'Losing You' is the track we've picked from the bunch with its slow-progressing production and Aaricia's accompanying vocal, which is the polar opposite to the production. There's power in her voice, but in this instance, it's slightly restrained so as not to overpower the track. "'Losing You' is actually the last song of my EP The Ruler but it's also one of the most personal ones I've ever written," she told us via email. "There's no right description of the song, it's a feeling you'll get when you listen to it. It's simple, vulnerable and honest. Part of what makes music beautiful is the mutual emotion that is shared between the listener and the artist even though different experiences led to that feeling."

Where do you find inspiration?

Anything can become inspirational, whether I hear, see or read it but, to me, experience and memories are the most truthful source of inspiration anyone can get. My sound is eclectic and so are my inspirations.

What risk would you take if you knew you could not fail?

It wouldn't be a risk if there wasn't the possibility of failure but I feel like being an artist is a constant risk. I'd continue doing what I love because we never know what might happen. It's really a shot in the dark.

When was the last time you tried something new?

I wrote a pop-rock song recently and that was quite...different.

What are you currently working on?

I've been finishing my first full-length album set to be released early October 2016. Seeing that it has already been a year since I finished my EP, it's safe to say my sound has evolved but never going too far from it's roots.

What's the most challenging thing you've ever created?

'Losing You' is probably the most challenging song I've ever had to write. I had been denying how I felt for a while and I just sat down and wrote what I didn't want to recognize. It triggered an emotion that never really goes away no matter how many time I hear or sing it.

Which of your talents do you think people overlook?

I feel like since I've been working with my producer people tend to oversee I actually play piano and guitar and use them to write the base of most of my songs. I even wrote three albums on the guitar before working on this EP.

Check out the Ruler EP on SoundCloud.